Full Policy Wording – Metro Indoor Sports Dunedin


    1. There is an 11-week season. This includes 9 weeks of round robin, a semi-final week, and a final week, as well as a championship weekend.
    2. Competition rounds are where you play against the other teams to compete for competition points. At the end of the competition round games, the top four teams in each grade then transfer through to the semi-finals.
    3. Once the finalists have been found, the final week of the current season will consist of the finalists playing off for first and second. All other teams will play both the semi-final week and the final week.
    4. Teams will then be invited to play in our “Grand-Championship” day. This will be played on the weekend following the finals week for the season.

    1. As with all sports, there are many rules relating to how each game is played. Without these rules there would be chaos on our courts.? It’s not essential that you swat up and know the rules inside and out (that’s what your Official is for), but it is helpful to have a quick read through them to get a better understanding of how to play the game.
    2. We have a published rulebook at the main counter for your perusal.

    1. Please read and understand this section fully. ?To keep our competitions fair and to ensure that the finals for all grades are a true reflection of the season, we have strict player registration rules.
    2. These rules have been the undoing of many a good team and are best summarised as follows: “To be eligible to play for a team in any semi-final or final, a player must have been registered for and taken the court in at least one third of all competition round games played by that team”
    3. The formula for determining the number of games a player must have played is in accordance with the following schedule:
      • If a team has played 1-5 Games a player must have played 1?. If a team has played 6-8 Games a player must have played 2. If a team has played 9 games a player must have played 3.
      • To correctly register your players we use a Registration Card system. Each team has a Registration Card and this is available at the main counter every time your team has a scheduled game. ?On this card there are spaces to list the first name and Surname of each player you use during the season. There is no maximum for the number of different players you can use during a season, and each week when you come in, simply tick the box alongside each player’s name that is playing on that date.
      • You will also see on these cards that there is a space to list the Email address details and contact phone numbers for each of your players. For a player to be eligible to compete in semi-finals and finals this information must be completed. ?We need as many phone numbers as possible for your team because the more contact points we have the better, should we need to get a hold of you when your organiser is not available, or in the event of an accident or emergency to enable us to contact your next of kin.
    4. If you follow this procedure for each game, there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to semi-finals and finals, and we advise all teams to make sure that they register as many players as possible during the season.

    1. As you will be aware, we operate on a pay as you play basis, with no need for teams to pay up front fees.? For this system to work properly, all teams must firstly play all of their scheduled games, and secondly they must also pay their match fee in full prior to the start of each game.
    2. Please note that this fee is a team fee, and as such must be paid in full, regardless of the number of players taking part in any match. If a shortfall occurs due to players not turning up, it is the responsibility of the team to cover this amount, not the Stadium. The captain is responsible for their team and therefore it is their responsibility to ensure these rules are followed./li>

    1. We understand that there will be times when players who have said they will turn up, do not. Therefore, if a game fee is not fully paid for on the night, this can be noted down in our records to be caught up the following week or by mutual agreement.
    2. Our system can monitor game fees so that if you decide to pay extra to make up for past missed fees, or, to give yourself a buffer in case of missed game fees, we can track that and will have a record. Most importantly, please advise us of this at the counter so we can ensure the system is updated accordingly.
    3. In fairness to all teams who fully pay their fees, only teams who have paid their game fees up to date qualify for the semi-final, final, and championship rounds.
    4. Statements will be attached to your registration cards which are held at the counter to be ticked as you pay and play. If any team misses payment consistently, whether that is two weeks in a row or throughout the season, they may be requested to pay their fees in full before being entered back into the draw.
    5. Any team who is more than two full games in debt may be asked to withdraw from the competition.

    1. A team must pay their game fee in full regardless of any upcoming sponsorship.? Once the sponsorship has been paid to the Stadium your team will receive a refund of game fees paid to date.

    1. Any team that defaults will receive 0 points for that game.
    2. Whilst we understand teams have to default for various reasons, a full game cancellation fee will be charged to any team defaulting a scheduled game, regardless of how much notice is given. Any team that defaults twice runs the risk of being removed from the competition.
    3. However, if you have given 72 hours notice, the default fee can be waived by mutual agreement pending the ability to find a substitute team to take your spot.
    4. If you are short on players, Metro Indoor Sports has a list of players who are interested in playing one off games. This is a much better result than defaulting the full team and allows for smooth and uninterrupted competitions where competition points can be awarded. Remember, if you phone us we will do our best to find players for you!!!!!
    5. Any fill in teams will be charged $3 per player to play the game, unless that fill-in team was sourced on the night of the game.

    1. To receive points for a default win, a team must play in their scheduled game time. We will endeavour to get opposition for the team concerned. If we are unable to get opposition we will inform you of the situation.

    1. When entering the competition you are asked to select the day your team would prefer to play their games. If there are times for which you simply cannot make it due to work commitments, please advise us as soon as possible. We believe it fair that every team should be required to play some late times and some early times, but we understand there are restrictions, so please discuss these with us prior to any games being scheduled.
    2. All games scheduled must be played and all teams will receive draws in advance so that they have fair warning of their scheduled games. You may also find your game times on our website.

    1. Any team is welcome to start playing at any point in any season. In fairness to all other teams who have been competing and earned season points, the new teams will start with no points.
    2. As there are four seasons each year, any new team will have time to earn enough points to make finals weeks if they begin early enough. If not, they will at least have a few weeks to gel before the following season will begin.

    1. When determining the finishing order of teams at the end of all round games, the positions will firstly be determined by points, secondly by the number of wins, and thirdly by percentage (%). ?In the event of a drawn final, the team that finished higher on the ladder shall be deemed the winner.
    2. In the event of drawn Grand Final, extra overs (Cricket) or time (Netball, Football, and Dodgeball) shall be played until a winner is found.

    1. We ask that all teams respect the fact that our sports are primarily played for social reasons, and as such, should be played in good spirit and with a measure of self-control. For this reason alone, the Officials in all decisions that they make will take the “SPIRIT OF THE GAME” into account. Foul, abusive, or racial language, intentional dangerous play, over aggressive play, and a lack of respect for other players’ personal safety are just some of the examples of what we consider to be detrimental to the “SPIRIT OF THE GAME”.
    2. If your Official rules that either the normal penalty for an infringement of the rules is insufficient, or that a player is not in accordance with the “SPIRT OF THE GAME”, they may be ordered to leave the court.
    3. Metro Indoor Sports and its employees reserve the right to remove from its premises, for any duration as it sees fit, any player / spectator or team that does not keep within the “SPIRIT OF THE GAME”.
    4. Metro Indoor Sports does its best to make your playing time safe and enjoyable by using official equipment. Please don’t contribute to the risk of injury by being reckless with equipment or careless with your actions. The Official’s interpretation of the rules shall be final and teams have no choice in officials.
    5. We are always endeavouring to bring a quality system for officials but they all must start somewhere. All captains are welcome to fill in a feedback form to assist us with training of an official. For the enjoyment of all, games are expected to be played in a sportsman like manner.
    6. Metro Indoor Sports reserves the right to dismiss any team, or member thereof, for threatening, offensive, or abusive behavior. The captain shall be held responsible for the actions of its members and spectators both on and off the court.

    1. Referees, although paid, give their time to officiate each sport which allows everybody the opportunity to play said sport. It is important that if you are unhappy about the level of officiating, you follow a manner of feedback that is respectful and courteous.
    2. Such feedback includes the team captain discussing certain decisions or play at one of the breaks between quarters. You can feel free to approach staff if you would like to discuss the issues in more depth and we will endeavour to ensure such issues are dealt with.
    3. At no point can any personal attacks on refereeing be justified and such attacks may lead to immediate expulsion from the season draw.
    4. Referees will ask who the captains are at the beginning of each game and will introduce themselves. Any disputes should be handled between the captain and the referee, and referees will do their best to ensure any issues are dealt with in a non-confrontational manner. Referees will look to diffuse any situation with as little impact on the game as possible, but if the behaviour persists, they have the discretionary right to order players off for 2 minutes, or the whole game. This would be a worst case scenario.
    5. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, or see us on the evening of the event, or at any time. We are only too happy, to help out as best possible, to ensure the greatest enjoyment of this facility.